About CRO

Since 2007, The Cliffs Residents Outreach (CRO), a 501(c)3, nonprofit corporation, has been committed to the mission of “Providing resources to regional children that promote opportunities for lifelong success.” While we support a wide variety of student programs, our focus centers on funding initiatives that relate to education and human services.

CRO is comprised of five CRO Communities which represent the Cliffs’ Communities of Glassy, Valley & Mt. Park, Keowee Vineyards, Keowee Falls & Keowee Springs. Representatives from each of these CRO Communities serve as Directors of the CRO Corporate Board. Each CRO Community has a volunteer Advisory Council which works independently to support the needs of their local schools through fundraising and volunteering, all aligning with one consistent mission – enabling Upstate children to succeed.

The success of CRO is measured by the many benefits we have provided to our community school students. Through the generosity of our residents and community service partners, and the services of our committed volunteers, we have seen great things happen in our local schools.

CRO Board of Directors:

  • President: Julie Taylor |
  • Vice President/Secretary: Louise Hughes |
  • Treasurer: Chuck Allen
  • Ann Ackley |
  • Jean Bollman |
  • Evelyn Pezzolla |
  • Susan Recknagel |
  • Dianne Sontag |
  • Jim Zwahlen |