Keowee Falls

The CRO was founded in 2007 by Cliffs residents. Through the direction provided by our advisory council, Falls residents actively make a difference in the lives of the children in nearby schools who have the greatest economic and emotional need through literacy, technology, nutrition, and mentoring programs.

Our Programs

Tamassee-Salem Elementary School

Numerous Falls volunteers have been involved with Tamassee-Salem Elementary School since  2013. Most recently, CRO provided support for “Literacy Footprints” a curriculum that targets specific student needs and provides classroom intervention.  CRO technology funding through our “One for All” campaign and subsequent supplemental funding  enabled the school to provide chrome books and headphones to each student.  Through these efforts the school became the technology model for all of Oconee County.  Dedicated volunteers are active with reading, mentoring and tutoring programs at the school. 

NEXT School Eagle Ridge

NEXT School Eagle Ridge is a 6-12 grade public state charter school.  CRO has provided support for their agricultural program, reading initiatives, math programs, special ed  instructional materials,  the “Make a Space” STEM lab and equipment such as laptops and iPads. Our mentors expanded the work we do with high school boys and continued our work with PALS (Powerful Amazing Little Sisters, grade 8) and WOW (Women on the Way, grades 9-12).

Tamassee DAR School

The Tamassee DAR (T-DAR) School partners with children and families in crisis to overcome life’s obstacles through campus and community-based programs that nurture loving homes, inspire wholeness, expand educational horizons and train exceptional citizens. CRO has supported this community partner through funding staff training programs and academic and technology programs that directly impact students, most notably being the Grief/Loss Recovery training. 

Walhalla High School

CRO volunteers have worked with school counselors to motivate Walhalla High School students toward personal and academic success.  CRO funding has been focused on the 150 “at risk” students enrolled in the Success Program to provide initiative incentives based upon academic goals and school attendance.  In addition, there is a yearly celebration to recognize those who have completed the program.  At these events, we have been able to directly offer personal encouragement, wisdom, and positive feedback to the students. CRO members also volunteer as Student Mentors which helps expand their support system and provide role models for life success.

Collins Children’s Home

When a child enters Collins Children’s Home they are given a welcome duffel bag, new clothes if they need them, and a warm loving place to call home. In addition to attending local schools, the children are treated to activities that families typically experience such as a water park, a movie, restaurant dinner, the Columbia Zoo, etc..  The CRO provides funds for these activities as well as funds to offset the expenses of counseling and training costs.

Grace’s Closet

Grace’s Closet helps students build self-confidence and excel both in and out of school by providing basic resources such as clothing, hygiene items, school supplies and weekend food. An inviting, boutique-like room is available at 19 Oconee County schools where students are welcome to shop and take items they need. Everything is free to the students. The Falls CRO funds the Grace’s Closet locations at Tamassee-Salem Elementary School, NEXT School Eagle Ridge and Walhalla High School. CRO volunteers also staff these locations and help students select free Christmas gifts for family members at holiday time.

Making A Difference

With the support of these valued Corporate Partners, the CRO is making a difference in the lives of children in the Upstate through literacy, nutrition and mentoring programs. Donations payable to: CRO, Inc., c/o Barb Adams, President, 635 Garden Market, Travelers Rest, SC 29690

Glassy CRO Corporate Partners

CRO Glassy is grateful for the ongoing generous support of our Corporate Partners which plays an important part in reaching our goals. Please support them if you are in need of their goods or services, and join us in thanking them for their commitment to our mission!

Our Corporate Partners Make a Difference.

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